Design Services

Equipment/Services Sizing

It is well known that equipment sizing can have a significant impact on the efficiency and comfort of many HVAC systems.  Over time, many factors can change the loads in zones from original design intent which impacts all HVAC systems directly or indirectly.  BII recommends periodically evaluating load assumptions to maintain an up to date basis for equipment sizing.

Building Simulation

BII has experience evaluating and performing building simulations using a variety of software including eQuest (DOE-2.2), Trace 700, and proprietary software.  Simulation software is used to quantify energy or utility costs for various scenarios, and may be used to support incentive applications, LEED certifications, and/or energy code compliance alternatives.

Engineered Drawings and Specifications

BII has experience preparing contract document packages for a range of contract forms and degree of formality.  BII emphasizes clarity and consistency to ensure contract integrity in the event of disputes.

Regulatory Environment

Management of the regulatory environment is a critical skill in retrofit construction.  Unforeseen regulatory surprises during permit application, or post construction, can cause delays, disruption, and additional costs.  BII has experience auditing and managing the variance and approval processes can help you reduce these risks.

Incentive Applications

BII has experience with a range of incentive programs and can help advise you on how to choose the best options to maximize incentives while reducing the risk of non-compliance.

Budgeting & Costing

BII offers budgeting and costing services at all levels of design which improve cost control and reduces the risk of budget surprises late in the project.

Tender Process

BII offers a full range of tender management services including tender document preparation, bid process management, and objective evaluation services.